Inspiration Point

S02 E33: An Origin (Guest: Tiana Hanson)

September 17, 2021 Andrew Geertsen & Adam Power Season 2 Episode 33
Inspiration Point
S02 E33: An Origin (Guest: Tiana Hanson)
Show Notes

On this unique episode, we take a slight step back from specifically talking about RPGs as we talk with good friend of the show, Tiana Hanson. Tiana grew up in Alaska and discovered a passion for acting. This passion lead her on a journey of growth and discovery which included moving across the country to California, working as a rideshare driver, breaking into acting, recording 57 (!) audiobooks, starring in and publishing her own podcast, and MOST  importantly—if you ask us—becoming a key cast member of the Tabletop RPG and boardgame livestream network: Quests & Chaos!

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