Inspiration Point

S02 E36: Tell Me What You Want

October 15, 2021 Andrew Geertsen & Adam Power Season 2 Episode 36
Inspiration Point
S02 E36: Tell Me What You Want
Show Notes

On tonight's episode, we dig into discovering what your players want from a future campaign! Often, GMs will develop their campaign in a bubble of isolated, mysterious creativity and it's easy to forget that in this cooperative hobby, we should cooperate! So tonight, Adam helps Andrew try to pin down what kind of campaign he would like to play, utilizing favorite movies, tv shows, mash-ups, tropes, and all sorts of points of interest. So have a seat and let's explore how to get your players to tell you what they want; what they really really want!

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Mentioned in tonight's episode:
The Expanse (Amazon Prime)
Game of Thrones (HBO) / A Song of Ice and Fire (Book Series)
Better Call Saul (AMC)
Jungle Cruise (Disney+)
Mass Effect Series (EA)
Star Trek
Star Wars
Cyberpunk (R. Talsorian)
Bounty Hunter (Guy Sclanders)
(Probably a bunch of other stuff, too. This episode is packed with references!)

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